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The Law of Attraction has captured people's interest and attention for years. With the release of the movie The Secretlaw_of_attraction-_Porsche_I_Can_Share2.jpg , more people than ever are aware of the law of attraction, and are using it to create prosperity, health and joy in their lives.
Simply stated the law of attraction maintains that everything that you have in your life was attracted into it by YOU. Health, success, wealth, abundance and happiness are in your life to the extent that you have attracted them. Most people use the law of attraction by default; they attract into their lives those things that they think are expected by society, family, friends, etc. To manifest YOUR desires you must actively and consciously apply the law of attraction.
Whether you want to get a better job, start your own business, improve your health, move to a new or bigger home or find your perfect mate, using the law of attraction can help you to achieve the result that you desire. The following law of attraction resources will help you to create prosperity, personal success and abundance in your life!


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The Shift:
Ambition to Meaning,
Finding Your Life's Purpose
by Dr. Wayne Dyer

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'The Shift'

The Awakening Course
from Dr. Joe Vitale


Dr. Joe Vitale 's new DOWNLOADABLE Awakening Course, consists of:

1. Five "Awakening" audio presentations 
2. The Awakening Course Live 45-minute video seminar
3. An "Inspired Action Guide"

As well as two free bonus presentations (not available anywhere else)...


for more about
'The Awakening Course'

You Can Heal Your Life: 
The Movie
by Louise Hay

You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie- You Can Heal Your Life
This entertaining and inspirational movie hosted by best-selling author Louise Hay gives penetrating insights into her fascinating life story; and also provides clarity on how her views on self-esteem, abundance, and the metaphysical causes behind physical ailments were developed.




The Law of Attraction
to work in Your Life
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