Is the Law of Attraction Just Positive Thinking?
by Tom McHugh

Is working with the Law of Attraction just practicing positive thinking? I donít think so. To me the Law of Attraction involves maintaining a positive attitude, but includes much more than the common understanding of positive thinking.

Positive thinking is commonly interpreted as optimism and Ďseeing the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.í This maintenance of a positive outlook despite the circumstances is reactive. Itís a response to the reality that fate has dealt to us. Faith, in such a belief system, is nothing more than trusting (or worse- hoping) that fate wonít deal us any more negative realities.

When you practice the Law of Attraction you build upon that optimism of positive thinking by maintaining an absolute certainty of your desired outcome. This is true faith: an unshakable confidence and expectation of the outcome regardless of the timing or the manifested form. It is important to not have any attachment to a specific outcome or timetable. Attachment to a particular form or time creates a conditional type of acceptance rather than the necessary absolute expectation.

This is a conscious, active and deliberate creation of reality- the reality that we have chosen for ourselves. Conscious application of the Law of Attraction is the way we become true creators and actively participate in the magnificence of Creation.

About the author:

Tom McHugh is a partner in 11-11 Unlimited, LLC. To learn more about resources that you can you can use to apply the Law of Attraction and achieve the life that you want visit: or The Law of Attraction Resources Blog. He can be contacted at .

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