The Law of Attraction Masters

Joe Vitale

Called "Mr. Fire" and the 'World's First Hypnotic Marketer', Dr Vitale has a way with words that compels people to take action – he is also able to tune in to the subconscious mind.

law_of_attraction-_joe_vitale2.jpgHis writing style is hypnotic; it grabs you, pulls you in with it's mesmerizing spell… and forces you to read every word. He's one of the greatest marketers of all times- consistently writing and implementing record breaking marketing strategies for himself, and his trusted clients. Combine the two,  hypnotic and marketer, and you resolve one of the biggest problems in advertising today. People are inundated with marketing and advertising messages, yet Dr. Vitale can make his that one piece of writing that you read, and take action on.

It wasn't always this way for Dr. Vitale; once he was broke and homeless. In a series of odd “coincidences”, he found his inner calling, and has gone on to become one of the most successful, and respected, marketers in the world. In addition to being the best-selling author of The Attractor Factor, among other books,Dr. Vitale was one of the teachers featured in the hit movie The Secret .



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The Awakening Course from Dr. Joe Vitale

You can get the entire DOWNLOADABLE Awakening Course, consisting of...

1. Five "Awakening" audio presentations taking you through the four stages of Awakening and more
2. The Awakening Course Live 45-minute video seminar containing the one and only presentation I've ever given on Awakening
3. An "Inspired Action Guide" which is truly magical - where you'll be guided through all four stages of awakening through some very intense, effective and fun exercises guaranteed to get you to where you want to go in every area of your life. Complete mind, body and spiritual transformation guaranteed.

As well as two free bonus presentations (not available anywhere else)...
Bonus #1: The Awakened Millionaire - where I'll teach you how to attract money and transform your finances
Bonus #2: The Awakened Relationship - where you'll learn how to find love, build long-lasting relationships, and even meet your soulmate


PUT EVERYTHING RIGHT ON YOUR IPOD OR OTHER MEDIA PLAYER! Now you can walk, run, drive or do anything else while listening! (That's right – there's NOTHING TO STORE! No more need for handling CDs, DVD, workbook or hard to shelve cases. Why pay shipping?) EVERYTHING IS STORED RIGHT ON YOUR PC FOR EASY ACCESS!

And the entire downloadable Awakening Course is 100% guaranteed for 60 days - so you have absolutely, positively, nothing to lose.

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