Law of Deliberate Creation
by Lori Hamann

If you have ever found yourself backed into a corner wondering - "how did I create THIS in my life..." you are not alone. Many of us have felt the same way, and the good news is, there is always perspective that you can embrace - if you are willing - that can help you to have more creative control over your life. You may feel like you have no control over your life - but the truth is you are creating my default if you are not deliberately creating. Enter...The Law of Deliberate Creation!

The truth are always creating. You are always creating your life - you are totally responsible for the ebbs and the flows, the ups and the down, and yes...ins and outs. It doesn't matter if you understand universal law or not - the most important thing to understand is that you create by default anytime you let life just happen. The good news? You can both flow with life and get so specific with your desires and your state of being that WHAT YOU WANT starts to show up in your life. Gimme some of that!

First things's time to acknowledge the law of attraction. The law of attraction basically says - what you focus on grows, what you think about your bring about, what you sow you reap. So it might behoove you to pay a little attention to your emotional's the stuff that makes worlds. And - you can always count on LOA to be consistent, just as sure as you are that your feet will hit the ground when you get our of bed each day, you can bank on the law of attraction.

Wanting to learn more about being a deliberate creator? Here you go! When you wake up every day ask yourself - "what do I want to create do I want to feel? Hmmm, now why do I want THAT." This begins the creative process - and when you make this a habit you have just stepped inside the shoes of deliberate creation.

Tips on How to Be a Deliberate Creator

1. Did you know what a powerful person you are? I am here to remind you that you can have it all...and it starts with how you think and emote.

2. Remember that limited thought equals limited are a magical, limitless being.

3. Always ask - How do I want to feel? What am I wanting? Why do I want it?

4. Appreciate, appreciate. We attract what we appreciate, and repel what we depreciate.

5. Is negativity in your way? Be aware and make the choice to soften belief systems that don't serve you.

6. Take 100% responsibility for what your life looks like, the good and the not so good.

7. Starting NOW - you can begin to create life the way you want it. I mean now...I mean now...did I mention your power is in the present moment?

8. With that said - ask, where am I focused? It's your point of attraction. What you focus on grows - right NOW.

9. Always pay attention to how you are feeling. Feeling bad, you are not in the space to create what you want. Feeling good? You are in alignment with prosperity.

10. Action - the kind that you think up is not nearly as powerful as taking "inspired" action. Deliberate creators take inspired action...inspired meaning "spirit coming in". Taking action from a connected place ALWAYS yields more results. Follow that bliss.

Have I said it enough? Nothing is more important than feeling.....GOOD.

Get creative. Be inspired. What do you consciously want to choose today? Are you creating by default or ON PURPOSE?

Your life is in your hands. Can you handle it? This Law of Deliberate Creation is all about choice...and you ALWAYS have choice. Make the choice to operate from "freedom of choice". You have shifted your power in this moment.

Life Coach Lori Hamann specializes in assisting you create more happiness and freedom in your life through the transformational process of Life Coaching Visit her website today to check out free stuff, courses, and sign on for the Evolve Your Life Newsletter.

Article Source: Article North directory



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