Understanding the Laws of Attraction and How To Use Them

 by Colin Joss

Laws of attraction govern the law of life. They are referred to by some as 'The Golden Rule and to those who are resigned to their fate as 'Karma' . People often use phrases like "you get what you give"; "what goes around, comes around"; "do unto others" and a host of others to express their interpretation of Life and the Laws of Attraction The Law of Attraction as defined by the New Age Gurus would go something like 'the way by which you attract into your life that anything in line with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes.'

From the experts though the Laws of Attraction are often referred to as what you are able to bring to your own life due to your own beliefs and ideals. Each of us has the power to use the Laws of Attraction to our own benefit. We are able to draw positive things to us and so we can have a much more enjoyable life. There are many factors that go into making this happen though. You must be in the right state of mind and you must be looking for the positive in all that comes your way in life. Your age as well as where you are in your life can really affect your ability to use the Laws of Attraction effectively. There are many variables that will always be there so you have to learn how to stay focused. Even the feelings you have when you meet someone to either be attracted or repelled by them has to do with how they use the Laws of Attraction. It is very true that happy people attract other happy people while those that are negative will attract others that are very negative as well.

Regardless of what is going on around you though you need to try to always remain positive. You need to get the best energy from the Laws of Attraction that you possibly can. Of course you can't change how other people are or what they do. This is why you may be dealt some cards that include relationships that don't last, hurt feelings, and things in your life that aren't perfect.

Do your part though to minimize the damage that will occur. The more positive energy that you show then the more good you will attract from the situation. You will find that your heart and your mind aren't always on the same path, but you do need to find a place where they connect with each other.

Align your thoughts and feelings or mentally and emotionally put yourself in the future as if you have already achieved your goal. If it is a positive experience, you know that it is a positive or 'building' law of attraction. If it leaves you with a negative or down feeling, you know you should avoid the experience like the plague or you could work backwards and try to reverse some of the intervening negative steps so that you have a final positive result.

Appreciation for what you already have are positive feelings that will open your heart and creates space for more. These positive feelings will make you more receptive to experiencing a positive Law of Attraction.

Think about the true desires you have in your life right now. This way you can use it to drive you to achieve your goals. When you focus only on what you need it can allow surges of negative energy to consume you. Do your best to be passionate and to celebrate your small successes on the way to your ultimate goals.

Focus on the outcome and not how you are going to manage achieve it. This would give you a more positive outlook, whereas focusing on the How would draw your attention to all the potential pitfalls along the way and thereby be a more negative experience. You deserve a lot just by simply being there. This will help you to receive, without feeling beholden to the giver. Conversely, be open to being the giver too.

Act on opportunities that crop up as you experience the law of attraction. Remember that these are stepping-stones to achieving your goals. Seemingly unrelated and inconsequential encounters can have a great significance as you pursue your dreams. Engaging the law of attraction calls for persistence and focus on your goal. In today's world of instant gratification and microwave popcorn, we need to focus on Persistence while we remember that which comes easiest or fastest is often not the best. Remember "Where there's vision, there's a way."

Last but not least, love yourself first and through that you will love and value yourself and others. This will make your goals more achievable and your success more effortless. Love is a strong vibration that heals. It is your best way to harness the law of attraction in your favor.

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