What Everybody Should Know...
About How to Use the Law of Attraction

by Dick Ingersoll

There is a lot of buzz around the Law of Attraction these days. The massive hit movie/book The Secret took the world by storm. As Oprah jumped on board, the entire nation became acquainted with the Law of Attraction and the secrets of manifestation. The Secret did a great job of introducing the law and showing us how we generally work against ourselves. However, many people were left wondering "how exactly do I use the law of attraction?"

There are three major components in learning how to practice this powerful law to manifest the conveniences that we wish to have in our lives. First off is our beliefs. The things that we think about and hold endlessly in our head become part of our truth. Notwithstanding, a large portion of us are carrying nonsupporting ideas in our minds on a routine basis. How do we modify that?

We need to set about checking our thoughts. The most effortless way to do this is to notice how we're feeling. While we're feeling right, we are considering thoughts that are supporting the conveniences that we desire in our life and sending out favorable manifestation vitality into the cosmos. As we're feeling badly, that's a red flag that we're entertaining thoughts that are not in our best interest.

This takes us to the second all-important component, our emotions. Emotions, which are touched off by the thoughts we're presently thinking, are the actual energy that give an intention (or thought) the force to manifest. By observing when we're feeling out of sorts then shifting our thought, we'll set about modifying the overall energy encircling us. When we get more in focus on thinking affirmative, prospering thoughts, we'll visualize the universe about us shift to adapt to our new perceptions of ourselves. In this way of life will our objectives begin to manifest.

The third and final factor in the process of attraction is our ability to act when an opportunity is presented. In many cases, our manifestations will come about as opportunities. If we work on manifesting wealth, there may be a sudden business opportunity offered to us. If we act on that, we will do well. If we do not act on it, we will get nothing. So we must be willing to act upon whatever opportunities are presented to us for our manifestations.

Finally, when we are finished transmitting our intentions into the universe, we must be patient and uninvolved. Don't focus incessantly on whether or not this will work out, how long it will necessitate, or any other doubtful thoughts. This sort of thinking destroys the work that we have performed, and impresses more uncertainty. Then again, an easygoing, separate plan of attack will allow our intentions to manifest, and will instill a lot of faith in the process, which will assist things in going forward speedier next time. No wonder opinions about the Law of Attraction are very discordant!

Hopefully you have something to work with now. Best of luck and may all your dreams come true!

Dick Ingersoll is a perpetual student who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for over 30 years. If you would like more innovative ways to apply the LOA visit his website at: Applying the Law of Attraction Library

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