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Dr. Ben Johnson


Dr. Ben Johnson is a complementary and alternative medicine physician who recently appeared on the panel of experts who starred in The Secret DVD which has gained worldwide acclaim.
law_of_attraction_dr-ben-johnson.jpgThe Secret is a production that was released revealing the limitless power of individuals to shape their lives by becoming conscious of and harmonizing their thoughts, emotions, and actions with The Law Of Attraction. Not only has Dr. Johnson personally experienced the miracle changing power of The Law of Attraction, but he has also experienced first hand the miracle of healing from a disease that according to the conventional medical community has been labeled as irreversible and widely believed to be a virtual death sentence.
After earning a degree in Osteopathy from the University of Health Sciences in Kansas City, he has since earned an M.D. degree as well as an N.M.D. In 1996 he became a founder and director of the Immune Recovery Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia for several years. He resigned in October 2004 to work full time on The Healing Codes (a stress healing program that Ben used to cure himself of Lou Gehrig’s disease) with Alex Loyd. 

In addition to his medical career, Dr. Johnson served in the armed forces during Vietnam and was a flight surgeon in the Army reserve for many years. He was a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the FAA for 12 years.

Currently, Ben Johnson is owner of Dr. Ben Johnson Services, LLC, a business that promotes products for natural health care. He consults regularly with patients and health care professionals across the world and his expertise is centered in the field of complementary oncology. Dr. Ben was recently featured as one of the teachers in the world proclaimed best selling movie and book ‘The Secret’. Outside of his movie debut, Dr. Johnson’s book The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom was officially released recently by Morgan James Publishing. Dr. Ben is currently in the process of completing two additional books. He has also co-founded Thermography Limited, LLC., a Chattanooga thermography clinic, with Stillpoint Associates, Inc.

Dr. Ben is an active member of Gospel Tabernacle Church in Chickamauga, Georgia. In his spare time, he enjoys bee keeping, horse back riding, hunting, skiing, scuba diving, and traveling.




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